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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Last bus to home

 *Picture taken from Google Maps

It was February and I just moved on from a building close to Fatima Luas station in D8, to a house near to Belton Park in D9. A long distance I know, but I love walking, and that was my main routine some minutes before the sunset: take a long walk to town, almost every evening.

I’ll left for another post my adventure taking the bus to that house, when the girls that later became my flatmates had their interviewing night.

Today I’ll remember the time when pints, some coins and a bus driver marked the early end of a fun night.

I was ready to go home. It was the first night in my new flat and my mental map still needed more time to understand I wasn’t so far as I was thinking. But that night I decided take a bus to come back home, once in the bus stop, I read the timetable and there was one to Donnycarney at 11pm and according to my clock I still had 33 minutes for a last pint.
I didn’t drank one, were two. But I was on time at the bus station, in front of the Central Bank of Ireland. I arrived almost at the same time. A lady got off and I immediately get in after her and deposited the coins for the ride.

The driver, a man in his 50s maybe, was a bit astonished.

-I don’t know how to say this, but this is my last stop, he said.

-What! That’s mean I could had have another pint instead of paying you?

He just laughed and said: You´re right, all I can do for you now is take you in front of the Custom House.

And that was the way how this tipsy guy bought the next day a Leap card, just in case, because one of the golden rules that I learned in Ireland is: coins are for pints. Eventually my mental map sent me the right sign to walk back safely to home by foot.

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