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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A story written with blood


AG, a Guatemalan opera singer living in Paris, visited Dublin some days to take part in a competition in the last days of January. She won one of the main awards, by the way.

When we met for lunch, I had one month living in the city since I moved from Galway.

-Ok, see you soon, she texted me.
-Sure, I’ll be in front of Dublin Castle, I said her.

I did my best showing her the town. After have a meal in Powerscourt we took a long walk from George St. to Grafton St. and some areas over the Liffey. Our second stop was in The Boar's Head for a pint of Guinness and because we were in the middle of an emergency.

I opened the door in a violent way, asking for a doctor, yelling under the rain. A storm came from nothing and a thunder was heard in the distance in the right moment we appeared in the door. People inside saw AG, next to me, bleeding; her hand was wounded.

I’m lying.

We get inside the pub because AG, trying opening her umbrella, cut her right thumb and needed a bathroom to clean the wound. The storm, I mean, the rain was real but it was a light fall.

After a surgery with Doctor Arthur (Guinness) we bought the medicine he prescribed us in the bar, and we left the Emergency Room to take again our walk.

The Luas was very useful to complete the tour. We did the last part by foot from Thomas St. to Trinity College, where AG had some voice exercises at 4pm.  

We said good bye in the Front Gate. AG was the only one Guatemalan I met in Ireland. It was so nice to see a fellow citizen and talk Guatemalan slang.

That night, at home and tipsy, I opened a limoncello bottle but I did it in the wrong way and I cut my right hand. I swallowed some shots, took my keys and in the middle of the cold night I opened the door in a violent way, once in the street I was asking for a doctor…

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