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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The magical people from Galway

Pictures: Braliem Jousc

The wind whispered me again some words. I was walking close to Latin Quarter, in Galway, when following a hunch I turned to the right that evening of September. I left the main street with its famous bars to find, almost hidden, a closed shop named Elements. I was attracted by its energy.

Didn’t happen that evening, but eventually, that place let me know the most interesting people that I could ever meet in Galway.

For some reason the 80% people who I met in Ireland were related with arts and culture scenes: writers, singers, musicians, actors, dancers, artists and a museum director plus girls and guys with a sensitive soul for all this stuff. I think I couldn’t escape at all from my Guatemalan background as an art journalist.

But Elements let me know magical people. And it’s not a metaphor. In Ireland I finally met not one, many people with a Wicca or Druid beliefs.  I’m Wiccan and I never found others like me in the place where I born.

Pictures: Braliem Jousc
For first time I practiced and celebrated some emblematical rituals in the “pagan” calendar, like Samhain. The flame I fire up last October still is burning my past. Maybe my winter will be longer that I thought but I know a new kind of spring is coming up.
M, P and J, know you guys, is one of the best gifts that Galway gave me. Before writing more about my days in Ireland I have to say thank you for let me be part of your magical world. 

Pictures: Braliem Jousc

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