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Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Lady in the train


*A view from my window

That Monday morning I took the Luas from St. James Hospital’s station to Heuston´s.  The day before K helped me to book online a seat in the train to Westport.

Why a guy from a Latin and tropical country flew to Ireland and chose the extreme west side of the island to begin his adventure? I don’t know. No have an explication. I just “felt a call” and I attended it.

Aboard the train I met MK; I had with her my first long conversation.

After notice my accent she, naturally, asked me where I came from.

World is so small.

We talked about Guatemala because she visited it in 2008 and lived there for a while. We spoke about Antigua Guatemala, where she learned Spanish, and other iconic cities and tourist places. She told me about her life abroad Ireland, living in different continents for work reasons.

We started our trip like two strangers sharing just a train seat for two hours and a half with two different backgrounds. We ended it with a Guatemalan-Irish link. Her final stop was Castlebar, the next one was mine, Westport.
Inside Heuston Station / I took this picture from.

-This is where I get down. Would you help me please with my luggage, MK said to me.  

-¿The flowers are also yours?

-Yes. They are lilies, my mom’s favorite flowers. It’s a present for her. I flew from United States just to visit her grave.  

She told me more about her life in just 2 minutes than all the time we spent together from Dublin to Castlebar.  

Before she left, we changed email addresses. She shared her breakfast with me and I gave her a three Guatemalan chocolate tablets.  

We were in touch all the time I was visiting Ireland and other European cities. I think is time to say her hello again and tell her about this blog.

I will write more about Westport, but for now I must to say Westport gained my heart because locals are really kind. I got a lot of stories from the days I stayed in the Old Mill Hostel; I made it my principal place to know some towns around.

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