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Friday, 9 September 2016

I was a little scared

Pictures by Braliem Jousc
P, a guy from Barcelona that checked in by the morning in The Old Mill Hostel, spread quickly in the atmosphere his smile, sporty spirit and energy.
He told me about his plans to visit Croagh Patrick, the sacred mountain of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. And reach the top of the mountain also was one of my main goals in my “things to do” list. Why not make together this trip?

We rented two bikes. P was my guide; no one really knew the way, we asked for directions a couple of times to some drivers and after 8 kilometers enjoying the sight of the west of Ireland we were ready to climb the mountain.

Pictures by Braliem Jousc
I must confess something. I chose the wrong bike; maybe a smaller would have worked better for me. I fell down at least 3 times, don't laugh, that was just in the first 15 minutes of our journey. I simply was rusty because the last time I rode one was, maybe, in 2000 or 2001. And the time before that, I still was a teenager, when I was aged 15 or 16. Now I’m my late 30s.

But I survived. Ride a bike it was the easy part because the really hard one was beginning. I was in front of Croagh Patrick with its 764 meters. Guatemala, the place where I born, is a land of mountains and volcanoes but I never before had climbed a mountain from the bottom to the top.

I was a little scared.

 Pictures by Braliem Jousc
  Pictures by Braliem Jousc, except this. P took it.

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