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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Culture Night

I won’t write a “day by day” blog about all I lived in Ireland.  It’s not my intention. But I need to mention one more thing about my first days.

September is around the corner. I arrived in September 2015 and I remember all country was expecting the Culture Night.

Why is so important for me? Well, in Guatemala we have the Festival del Centro Histórico –FCH- (Downtown’s Festival), an art festival that works in the same way that Culture Night: free art events in venues, museums, art galleries, squares, emblematic buildings from the ancient part of the city, churches and some bars and restaurants. The difference?  In Guatemala usually takes two weeks, in Ireland just one night.

As journalist I covered the FCH from its first edition, when I read about the Irish event I found it familiar and interested to knowing more I wrote to organizers of Culture Night. I’m still waiting for an answer, by the way, but with a pint in my hands, fortunately.

All I want to say to people in Ireland, and specially to visitors, is GO, and don’t miss this special night. It’s a very great occasion to know and measure the art and culture in Ireland.

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