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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Meteor user

Picture: Meteor

I would like to say that one of the first things I did when I arrived was drinking a pint of Guinness. Almost.

“We don´t have a store. You can buy the chip you need for your smartphone at the Spar just right to arrivals gate”, replied me someone when, some weeks ago, I wrote in a Facebook fan page asking for internet services.  

That day was one of many times I bought something in a Spar.  

Why not a beer before the chip? I must to confess I can’t live without internet.  

It took me some minutes to configure out the new settings in my mobile. When I restarted the phone I was ready find my way to St. James Hospital area, where I will sleep my first weekend in Dublin. 

Picture taken from
I left the airport being a Meteor user, and carry on two green handbags and a bigger green baggage. Oh, talking about green I also was wearing green. From top to the bottom. Yap: shoes, socks, pants, sweater, shirt, glasses and even underwear. 

I’m sure people around me thought I was ready for a leprechaun party and I was right selecting my outfit.  In fact, everything inside my luggage was green. As some airport employee could see because it was opened in some part of the flight. “I’m sure was the Dutch security”, told me an old lady.  

When I picked up my suitcase I realized all padlocks were broken. Luckily everything was inside: 20 kg of more green stuff: gadgets, clothe, shoes and even a green raincoat that I never used.  

Obsessed with the green? Oh yeah, that’s the reason why people call me “the green one”. For more than 17 years I wore green all the time. That was my way to await the big day.

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